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about Orthopaedics 360

Tailored Surgical Excellence

When we created orthopaedics 360, we wanted to provide something truley unique

A patient centric specialist clinic where we could provide the absolute best care possible. Our mandate is simple:

“To Provide Quality Service and Exceptional Surgical Results”

Founding director, Dr Chien-Wen Liew has worked as a trainee, orthopaedic surgeon, and surgical instructor in both the public and private sector since 2006. Dr Liew has a passion for minimally invasive surgery and for refining techniques and methods both at the office and in surgery. His passion stems from the knowledge that there are multiple ways to perform surgery. He had the immense privilege of training in the USA, France, Switzerland, the UK and wider Australia in order to refine the techniques that he brings to his patients today.

Orthopaedics 360 is proud to also be working with an exceptional surgeon, co-founder,  Dr Mike Smith, who joined the team from December 2017. Dr. Smith brings with him a wealth of experience from various surgical centres around the world. He has a passion for Keyhole Foot and Ankle surgery as well as sporting knee injuries and knee replacement surgery. His passion is providing high quality minimally invasive techniques to address multiple conditions in the foot, ankle, and knee.


Our Surgeons are Australian trained, with further education overseas in world leading centres to achieve a similar philosophy of minimally invasive surgery.

Our care does not start and finish only with the orthopaedic condition – we have valued partners who enable us to continue your recovery journey in the best possible way. 

Each and every staff member, team member and colleague has been chosen to uphold the highest level of service quality and ability. 

International Training and Education

Always improving through education

Our surgeons are internationally traineD

To perform at the highest level possible, our surgeons have chosen to obtain their additional training in some of the worlds leading centres – ranging from the UK, Europe, USA and within Australia. In the current evolving space of Orthopaedics, it is our mission to provide the absolute best techniques that can be found, despite their location. 

Our surgeons continually train worldwide by visiting leading centres in operating and education. 

As important as it is for education of ourselves, education of other surgeons is a high priority. We believe that the best techniques should be shared amongst our colleagues, and continue to train surgeons from around Australia and the world on a regular basis. 

Our staff continue to participate in training to enable them to manage the increasing demands and your personal requirements in the best possible way. 

Why We are proud of Orthopaedics 360

Our Key Values


We provide treatments that are proven, and enable our patients to know that they are in safe hands.


Continually searching for the best techniques that are tried and tested to bring to our patients


Ensuring that our patients are seen and treated in a timely fashion to enable them to return to normal activities.


We value our success rates and strive to improve on them every day. “Every 1% is important”


Understanding what our patients are going through enables us to tailor our service to meet each persons needs.


We are privileged to work with some of the best health partners in Adelaide

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