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Total Knee Replacements

Performed using Patient Specific Technology

Your Knee hurts, and stops you from walking. It may click or crunch and stairs are tough. Do you need a Total Knee Replacement?

This guide is to help you learn more about Patient Specific Technology for Total Knee Replacements. Which one is right for you?

Highly successful, and life changing, but the worldwide statistics suggest a patient satisfaction rate of only 80%. We know that the alignment of a knee replacement is one of the measurable differences that an orthopaedic surgeon can attribute to the success of a knee replacement. Patient Specific Technology aids in improving that alignment through a details pre-operative plan, and precision intra-operative guides.

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Do you even have knee arthritis? The knee joint isn’t quite like the simple hinge it was originally thought to be. There is rotation and flexibility in the joint that has been understood but ignored. Until now.

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The design of a total knee replacement is critical to its function. The only thing more important than the design, is the method it is inserted. Accuracy is one of the defining features of patient specific technology, and remains the mainstay of innovative methods at Orthopaedics 360. It is a tried and testing method in obtaining precision accuracy during implantation of a total knee replacement.


How to Manage
Knee Arthritis
Non operatively

Non Operative Management

Tips to use before your Knee Replacement

When you first develop knee pain, you might be some time away from needing a total knee replacement. Some of the strategies used here can help you delay your surgery for months or years, depending on how bad your arthritis is. The following are some strategies to try. This includes natural anti-inflammatories such as Glucosamine, Fish Oil and newer agents (unproven) such as Tumeric and Curcumin. (Same as for hip arthritis)

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