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Total Hip Replacement

Performed via the Direct Anterior Approach

Written by Dr Chien-Wen Liew

Your hip hurts and now they tell you that a total hip replacement is needed.
This guide is to help you learn more about the various methods of how hip replacements are performed. Which one is right for you?
Over the years, various methods have been used to replace the hip joint. Today, more than ever, techniques have evolved to combine the tried and tested techniques, with cutting edge instrumentation and technology to enable surgeons to place implants accurately, and provide results that make total hip replacements one of the most successful operations to date.

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Hip Arthritis

Do you even have hip arthritis? There are many structures around the hip – some of which can mimic pain that seems to be coming from your hip.

In the link below, we address some of the more common symptoms.






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What is a Hip Replacement made of

Some materials are definitely better than others. Current materials mean that hip replacements are predicted to last longer than ever. Whilst some materials have not done so well in the past. What is the best material for you and why is it used?





How to Manage
Hip Arthritis
Non operatively


Non Operative Management

Tips to use before your Hip Replacement

When you first develop hip pain, you might be some time away from needing a total hip replacement. Some of the strategies used here can help you delay your surgery for months or years, depending on how bad your arthritis is. The following are some strategies to try. This includes natural anti-inflammatories such as Glucosamine, Fish Oil and newer agents (unproven) such as Tumeric and Curcumin.

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