Dr Chien-Wen Liew – Adelaide Hip | Knee Surgeon


Hip and Knee Procedures

Internationally trained, and now a trainer of surgeons worldwide

Dr Liew performs exclusively Hip and Knee procedure

Direct Anterior Approach for THR

Patient Specific Technology with Kinematic alignment for TKR.

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  dr. Mike Smith – Foot | Ankle | Knee Surgeon


Foot and Ankle Procedures

Dr. Smith has a particular passion for keyhole bunion corrections

and utilises minimally invasive surgical techniques where possible

to manage the full spectrum of foot and ankle conditions. 

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About Orthopaedics 360

Tailored Surgical Excellence

Orthopaedics360 was developed for surgeons who share the same philosophy – one of minimally invasive surgery. Utilising the latest advancements in Orthopaedics, our Surgeons are dedicated to caring for our patients throughout their journey.

With a shared passion for preserving soft tissue. Dr’s Liew and Smith have been advocates of avoiding damage to soft tissues, whilst achieving the goals of their patients, whether it be in arthritis care, sports injuries or functional foot alignment.

Being a small team is important to us, as it allows us to ability to customise our offering for each patient, and work closely with a hand picked team, from our anaesthetists, nurses, physiotherapists and general practitioners. 

What we Do

Orthopaedics360 provide tailored surgical excellence, with a focus on minimally invasive procedures and enhanced recovery.


Total Hip Replacements performed using the direct anterior approach, Hip Arthroscopy


Keyhole Bunion Corrections, Hammer toe corrections, Neuroma excisions, Keyhole Plantar fascia release, 1st MTP joint Cartiva procedure (For Arthritis)


We consult mainly from our office in Norwood and some satellite clinics

Holistic plan

Sometimes surgery is not required, and a more holistic plan is the best one


Total Knee Replacements using patient specific technology, ACL Reconstructions


Ankle Arthroscopy, Ligament reconstruction, Achilles repair/reconstruction, Arthritis management

Trauma Surgery

Sports Injury and Trauma injuries can be treated by our surgeons

Post Operative Care

Our service does not end when the operation is done. A customised post operative plan is always provided. 

There are so many fulfilling parts of the work week, from completing each operation, to greeting our patients in the waiting room, and seeing their smiling faces as they reminisce over what it was like pre-operatively. It is such a pleasure doing what I do everyday.

When asked: “What is the best part of the week”

Dr Chien-Wen Liew



One of the great benefits of being a Foot and Ankle surgeon, is the multitude of pathologies that we see and manage on a daily basis. The procedure that i am most passionate about is also the most common condition that i manage – ‘Keyhole Bunion Corrections’. Our ability to manage Bunion deformities has drastically changed over the years, and having the technology available to us to be able to perform these procedures as a ‘Day case’ through tiny incisions, whilst allowing the patient to walk immediately, is certainly rewarding.

When asked: ” What is the procedure you’re most passionate about?’

Dr. Mike Smith


What Surgeries are we most passionate about

Our surgeons perform multiple procedures in their respective subspecialty fields. Below are a few of the techniques that they are most passionate about.

Total Hip Replacements

Performed using the direct anterior approach and patient specific technology, Dr Liew is one of the World’s leading hip replacement surgeons. 

Keyhole Bunion Correction

Minimally Invasive Bunion corrections are performed through tiny incisions. Performed as a day procedure, with the ability for early weight bearing, Dr Smith is on the forefront of this latest technology.


Performed using patient specific technology, Drs Liew and Smith perform their surgery using a medial pivot design. Kinematic alignment is a key feature in their discussions. 


Dr. Smith performs ligament reconstructions in combination with keyhole arthroscopy as a day procedure.


The Cartiva procedure is a surgical option for managing Big toe (1st MTP joint) arthritis. Designed to allevate arthritic symptoms, while maintaining joint range of motion, Dr. Smith utilises this procedure for appropriate patients. 


Dr. Smith performs keyhole ankle arthroscopies to manage an array of conditions, ranging from ankle impingement (spur formation), to ligament recontructions, and removal of loose bodies.


Dr. Mike Smith performs keyhole releases of the plantar fascia for patients who have perstant pain from plantar fasciitis despite conservative measures.


Single Hamstring Reinforced technique 

Our Staff

Handpicked for the highest service quality



Office Manager & Personal Assistant to Dr Liew



Personal Assistant to Dr Smith



Registered Nurse



Registered Nurse

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