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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Using a Single Hamstring Technique

Sporting injuries happen from novice to elite. ACL ruptures are one of the most common.

This guide will detail what an ACL reconstruction is, and what options you have. What is a single hamstring technique and what other graft options are there.

ACL reconstructions have typically used hamstring or patellar tendon grafts. Other graft options include the quadriceps tendon and artificial materials. Hamstring grafts are the most popular due to the low donor site effect and their high strength. Typically 2 are taken, but newer methods allow only 1 hamstring to be taken and have excellent strength.

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An ACL rupture occurs after hyperextension or twisting injuries, often in football players, net ballers, dancers and just plain active people! Without an ACL, an athlete will often find it hard to rehabilitate back to their previous abilities. A reconstruction is usually performed in fit and healthy individuals.

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The Arthrex Graftlink technique is utilised at Orthopaedics 360. It is a single hamstring technique used to minimise the effect of taking the hamstring tendons. It is a fast rehab, strong graft, and maximises the minimally invasive philosophy of key hole surgery.


Preparing for an ACL reconstruction


Before your ACL reconstruction

Tips for preparing for surgery

An ACL reconstruction is often not performed immediately due to the risk of the development of abnormal scarring in the knee. The first few (usually 6) weeks after a n ACL rupture, the focus is on providing physiotherapy to improve the range of motion to almost normal. This is required before an ACL can be performed.

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